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Earn with us by joining our affiliate program.We offer all types of digital marketing services from website designing to mobile app development, that your current customers might be looking for.
Join our affiliate program and refer your customer queries to us.Earn extra money along with more customer satisfaction !!
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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

How does affiliate program works ?

  • You share any customer query or potential customer detail with our team.
  • Our team approaches to the lead with a custom discounted offer
  • We keep the sales followup until the lead is matured or closed
  • Once the order is completed, we share upto 15% of order value as referral fee

What services can be offered

We offer all the major digital products from website designing to mobile app development.For a reference list you can offer below products to your customers.Also We keep on adding more services with time tot his list.Detail and pricing for all these products is available on our website.

  • Basic Dynamic Website (8-10 pages)
  • Advance Dynamic Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Custom PHP Applications
  • Website Redesigning
  • Android/iOS Mobile Application Designing
  • Digital Google/Facebook Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Bulk SMS Package

Checkout Website Packages Detail & Pricing.
For other services pricing contact our support team.

What is the earning potential of this program ?

Overall earnings depend upon the number of matured orders.On an average if you consider only website designing for 2-4 monthly matured orders, you can earn from 50,000 to 1 lakh annualy as a side income.
We also share more per order depending upon total number of monthly orders.For example for website designing packages a sample monthly affiliate slab is as below:-

Number of matured orders in a month Affiliate fee percentage
0-4 matured projects Upto 15% of order value
5-8 matured projects Upto 17% of order value
More than 8 mature projects in a month Upto 20% of order value

For other services and product these value can be fixed or changed accordingly.Kindly confirm the updated detail with our support team regarding these alabs.

Affiliate Program Terms

As an affiliate, you agree to below terms, Kindly read them carefully, let us know if you have any query regarding them or need any clarification.

  • “Yashida Tech” name will be duly mentioned as end service provider to all matured leads and orders as end vendor.
  • Being an “Affiliate” does not entitled or authorised the affiliate to act as an agent or partner to anybody or enter into online/offline contract or commitment.”Affiliate” can only refer potential queries to us, any order or payment terms will be committed/finalised with customers by “Yashida Tech” Only.
  • Affiliate partner can not take any direct payment in the name of Yashida Tech via cash or any other mode, all project related customer payments will be paid directly to Yashida Tech account only.
  • Affiliate partners are paid on monthly cycle, at month end, for all the completed and delivered orders, for which customer has cleared all the dues
  • Minimum amount threshold for payout is Rs 3000 for online transfer.If earned affiliate fee is lower than this, it will be carried forwarded to next month
  • Payments will be made via online mode in direct account only
  • Yashida Tech will not be liable for any marketing, or other, cost etc done by the affiliate for promoting these services.
  • These terms are regularly updated, so its is advised to visit this page regularly to keep updated regarding latest terms
  • Any applicable TDS or GST will be applied or deducted as applicable on affiliate payments